Friday, February 13, 2009

My, what big teeth you have!

First of all, thanks to all of you for the messages of support. I feel a bit stupid complaining about my wisdom tooth when there are people with serious illnesses out there. Thanks to you, I felt license to whine while eating Nutella with a spoon.

This morning I went back to Dr Groovy to have my stitches removed. Having woken up with throbbing pain I was rather sceptical, but he is just so, so nice. Removing the stitches barely hurt, he told me I was healing perfectly, and he also gave me an anti-inflammatory. He told me that I should gradually get feeling back in my chin ("within three months." Greaaat). But I can eat whatever I want. I feel much better.

I asked him why I've had such a tough time of it (Mais, je ne suis pas fragile?) and he told me it's because I have very, very large teeth with very, very long roots - rebel roots that cavort with nerves and do dangerous things. In fact, he got quite giddy talking about my teeth:

Dr G: It's amazing. Your teeth are so big!
AP: You mean relative to the size of my mouth?
Dr G: No! Overall. That's what's so incredible! They are probably in the top 1% of all teeth, on all people.
AP: Are you serious?
Dr G: Usually the moment someone walks into my office, I can tell if they'll have big teeth. But with you, it is even more amazing. It is incomprehensible that someone your size should have such big teeth. The X-rays were such a shock. Amazing! We couldn't believe it!
AP: Ummm.... Thank you.

I feel strangely proud that my plus-size teeth brought my dentist such glee. He obviously relishes a challenge; he was, after all, wearing black leather pants with his orange dentist jacket.

Anyway, this whole tooth drama has, bizarrely, made me appreciate Paris more. I want to chew! To crunch! To feast on France! Having been restricted to mushy stuff for a week, I have a new desire to, well, stuff myself. MCM and I have two parties to attend tonight - one with my colleagues, one with his former colleagues - and I have planned a rendez-vous beforehand for a light dinner. The plan is to meet at the Louvre and walk to Le Garde Robe, a nearby wine bar I've been wanting to check out, have some wine, cheese and charcuterie (see a cheese and charcuterie shot here, on Chocolate and Zucchini), and then have a little stroll across the Seine. I will report back!


  1. Accidental Parisian (aka Peanut person'). I am enjoying your posts almost as much as I enjoyed the India blog. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. When you are famous (just a matter of time) these posts will attract great interest. Now that I am a serious wine drinker (favouring Shiraz from Australia) I am looking forward to the Wine Post #2. A dimanche.

  2. When in doubt, remember one thing: le poisson nage!


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